Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in obesity

ob0001p16 | (1) | UKCO2019

Evaluating the Change4Life Food Scanner app: protocol for a randomised pilot and feasibility trial

Mahdi Sundus , Buckland Nicola , Chilcott Jim

Background: ChildrenÂ’s sugar intake in the UK is above current recommendations, contributing to the rise of overweight and obesity. The Change4Life Food Scanner app aims to encourage parents to reduce their childrenÂ’s sugar consumption. The app allows for packaged foods to be scanned and displays total sugar content in cubes and grams. To date the app has not been independently evaluated despite its popularity on the app market. This research aims to develop a pilot ...

ob0001p24 | (1) | UKCO2019

Development and validation of a novel weight loss maintenance knowledge and beliefs scale

Genes Denisa , Buckland Nicola , Sirois Fuschia

Background: Obesity interventions mainly focus on weight loss. However, weight loss maintenance (WLM) is the greater challenge as 80% of individuals who lose weight regain the lost weight within a year (Wing & Phelan, 2005). Knowledge and beliefs about WLM influence behaviour and are important factors in distinguishing between successful and unsuccessful weight loss maintainers. However, there are currently no validated scales available that measure WLM knowledge.<p cl...

ob0001rfc1.3 | (1) (1) | UKCO2019

Methods for the economic evaluation of obesity prevention dietary policies and population level interventions in children: a systematic review and critical appraisal of the evidence

Mahdi Sundus , Marr Colette , Buckland Nicola , Chilcott Jim

Background: Whilst many studies investigate the effectiveness of interventions to improve nutrition and healthy eating in children and adolescents, few studies examine their cost effectiveness. This systematic review aimed to explore the methods used to conduct economic evaluations including long-term modelling of costs and health benefits of dietary population-level interventions within this age group.Methods: Eleven peer-reviewed databases and five dat...

ob0001p30 | (1) | UKCO2019

Craving control is the strongest psychological predictor of overconsumption in response to high energy density meals in women engaged in weight loss

Buckland Nicola , Camidge Diana , Croden Fiona , Lavin Jacquie , Stubbs R James , Finlayson Graham

Background: It is generally accepted that loss of control of eating may undermine long-term weight loss. Given the wide availability of high energy dense (HED) foods in the obesogenic environment, it is important to identify individuals most susceptible to overconsumption of HED foods during weight loss attempts. This study examined psychological predictors of overconsumption in response to HED meals during a weight loss attempt.Methods: Ninety-six women...