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Cognitive and behavioural strategies employed to overcome ‘relapse’ among weight loss maintainers and regainers: a qualitative study

Lawlor Emma , Hughes Carly , Duschinsky Robbie , Griffin Simon , Hill Andrew , Ahern Amy

Background: While many behavioural weight management programmes are effective in the short-term, in the context of a complex obesogenic environment, post-programme weight regain is common. Overcoming ‘relapses’ has been highlighted as an important phenomenon in weight-loss maintenance, but research on how this is done is sparse. By comparing strategies employed by those who had regained or maintained weight loss, we explored this phenomenon and identified effective c...

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The impact of adult weight management interventions on mental health: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Jones Rebecca , Lawlor Emma , Griffin Simon , van Sluijs Esther , Ahern Amy

Background: The effects of weight loss interventions on physical health are well-described, yet their impact on mental health is unclear. Improved understanding of the impact of weight management interventions on mental health may improve care and minimise risk of harm. We aim to synthesise the evidence concerning the effects of adult behavioural weight management interventions, compared to inactive or standard care control groups, on mental health in adults with overweight or...