Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in obesity

ob0001p27 | (1) | UKCO2019

Why does attrition to Weight Management Interventions differ with deprivation and does it have anything to do with equity?

Drew Kevin , Sparkes Andrew C , Griffiths Claire , Radley Duncan

Background: Weight management interventions (WMI) focus on behaviour change at the individual level based on a behavioural model of choice that assumes information drives behaviour (model of responsibilisation). Attrition is often low, and concerns have been raised about interventions widening health inequalities.One policy-based approach proposed to achieve equity is proportionate universalism. This balances targeted and universal population health appr...

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Implementation fidelity of the OneLife Suffolk Integrated Healthy Lifestyle Service

Sanders George , Griffiths Claire , Flint Stuart , Gately Paul

Background: It is recommended that process evaluations of intervention implementation and fidelity become an integral part of the conduct and evaluation of all health behaviour intervention research. Through the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) Behaviour Change Consortium (BCC) framework for tailored health behaviour interventions, the current study aimed to evaluate implementation fidelity of the OneLife Suffolk Integrated Healthy Lifestyle Service (IHLS) with a view...