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ob0001p20 | (1) | UKCO2019

Clinically significant weight outcomes at 12-weeks for adults across English regions and deprivation deciles following attendance at a commercial weight management programme

Roberts Kath , Toon Josef , Bennett Sarah , Avery Amanda , Lavin Jacquie

Background: Prevalence of obesity among adults varies across English regions and is higher in more deprived areas. Slimming World is a commercial weight management organisation with around 14, 500 groups across England. Individuals attend through self-funded membership or through Slimming World on Referral where membership is commissioned by the NHS or local government. The aim was to understand weight outcomes for self-funded and referred members across deprivation deciles an...

ob0001p43 | (1) | UKCO2019

Behaviour change and weight and outcomes in patients referred to a community weight management programme

Toon Josef , Bennett Sarah , Avery Amanda , Roberts Kath , Lavin Jacquie

Introduction: Slimming World on Referral is a subsidised partnership between Slimming World and NHS and local government commissioners, providing a cost-effective, 12-week, weight management intervention. This analysis investigates the weight and behaviour change outcomes in patients referred to this service between 2014 to 2018.Methods: Data from 21,149 patients who were referred to Slimming World for an initial 12-weeks and completed an evaluation ques...

ob0001p30 | (1) | UKCO2019

Craving control is the strongest psychological predictor of overconsumption in response to high energy density meals in women engaged in weight loss

Buckland Nicola , Camidge Diana , Croden Fiona , Lavin Jacquie , Stubbs R James , Finlayson Graham

Background: It is generally accepted that loss of control of eating may undermine long-term weight loss. Given the wide availability of high energy dense (HED) foods in the obesogenic environment, it is important to identify individuals most susceptible to overconsumption of HED foods during weight loss attempts. This study examined psychological predictors of overconsumption in response to HED meals during a weight loss attempt.Methods: Ninety-six women...

ob0001p36 | (1) | UKCO2019

Long-term outcomes of attending a community weight management programme

Avery Amanda , Holloway Laura , Bennett Sarah E , Toon Josef , Roberts Kath , Lavin Jacquie

Background: There is a lack of data about the longer-term outcomes achieved by people attending community weight loss programmes, with the general perception that weight loss is not maintained. This study investigated the feasibility of contacting previous members of a commercial weight management organisation, Slimming World, to assess longer term (2.5–3 year) weight outcomes and explore their strategies for long-term weight management.<p class="abst...