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ob0001p22 | (1) | UKCO2019

The Test Re-test reliability of the Leeds Food Preference Questionnaire for quantifying food reward in Obesity and Lifestyle research

Kroff Jacolene , Netherton Kelsey-Leight , Rudner Trinity , Oustric Pauline , Finlayson Graham

Background: To better understand the role that food reward and eating behavior have on obesity and lifestyle management strategies, reliable and valid measurement tools are needed to quantify modern day eating behaviours and food preferences. This study aims to determine the test-retest reliability of the Leeds Food Preference Questionnaire (LFPQ) in a South African population. The validity of the tool was assessed by investigations of its associations with other eating behavi...

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Mind the Gap 2 – The effect of working memory training on the possible physiological and behavioural compensatory responses after weight loss: A study protocol

Kroff Jacolene , Rudner Trinity , Hume David , Clamp Louise , Finlayson Graham , Rauch Laurie , Lambert Estelle

Background: Roughly twenty percent of individuals who are successful at weight loss can successfully maintain the weight loss permanently. The physiological and psycho-behavioural compensatory responses to weight loss makes weight loss maintenance a rare phenomenon. In a preliminary study we found that successful weight loss maintainers have higher executive function, higher eating restraint and adhere to higher levels of physical activity compared to lean individuals with no ...