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Semaglutide and beyond: An update on pharmacotherapy for obesity

Wilding John

Obesity pharmacotherapy has had a difficult history, with many challenges, and some effective medicines withdrawn due to safety concerns. More recently, better understanding of the biological mechanisms underlying body weight regulation have led to development of more effective treatments, some of which are now entering clinical use. These include treatments for single gene disorders, such as metreleptin for the rare condition of leptin deficiency, and setmelanotide for pro-op...

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A systematic review of the evidence for interventions to increase levels of physical activity in patients following weight loss surgery

James Jennifer , Sprung Victoria , Hardeman Wendy , Goodall Mark , Eborall Helen , Wilding John

Background: Weight loss surgery [WLS] is effective at inducing significant weight loss and improving associated complications such as type 2 diabetes. However, weight regain and re-occurrence of these conditions can occur. Consequently there is increasing focus on how to optimise patient outcomes with emerging evidence that those who increase their levels of physical activity [PA] have better clinical and patient-centred outcomes. The aim of this review was to synthesise the e...