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Obesity Update 2021

Online, United Kingdom
30 Jun 2021 - 01 Jul 2021

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Registration for Obesity Update 2021 is now open! Join us virtually over two half days on Wednesday 30 June and Thursday 1 July 2021, to gain new insights and learn techniques from UK experts in obesity. By doing so you'll gain the skills needed to improve your clinical outcomes.


Debate: Intermittent fasting vs low calorie

ob0003ou7 | Debate: Intermittent fasting vs low calorie | OU2021

Is time restricted eating superior to continuous dietary restraint for weight management?

Redman Emma

Current guidelines recommend continuous energy restriction for weight loss along with long-term lifestyle behavioural change as the cornerstones of weight management. Time restricted eating versus continuous energy (calorie) restriction is one of the great debates when it comes to weight management. The most common form of weight loss strategy is continuous dietary (calorie or energy) restriction. Time restricted feeding, which includes intermittent fasting, has specified...