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Development of severe gastroparesis and gastric food bezoar following administration of glucagon-like peptide 1-receptor agonist (GLP1-RA) therapy

Preda Veronica , Khoo Su Yee , Lord Reginald

With the global increase in obesity and diabetes, the use of weight negative therapy, such as the glucagon-like peptide -1 receptor agonists (GLP-1 RA) are increasing. The most common side effects with the GLP-1RA are gastrointestinal symptoms, mainly nausea. Other common adverse effects include headache, injection site reactions, and are usually minor and do not result in cessation of therapy. GLP-1RA are also associated with slowed gastric emptying, by virtue of their mode o...

ob0003cd1.1 | Case Discussions 1 | OU2021

Weight loss maintenance through a multidisciplinary healthy weight clinic in australia

Chen Juliana , Kaur Harpreet , Lord Reginald , Preda Veronica

Background: Multidisciplinary care is well recognised as being effective for weight and chronic disease management, and in weight loss maintenance. However, in the Australian context, there are inadequate obesity services. In recognising this health service gap, this led to the establishment of the privately funded university hospital-based weight management clinic – the ‘Healthy Weight Clinic’ to increase access to multidisciplinary services. The effec...

ob0002cd2.3 | Case Discussions: Complex Clinical Cases 2 | OU2020

Significant weight loss, co-morbidity improvement and reduced health risk-factors after treatment at a multidisciplinary weight management clinic in a university hospital in Sydney, Australia

Rock Zoe , Chen Juliana , Jacques Joanna , Namboodiri Divya , Champion Bernard , Lord Reginald , Preda Veronica

Background: Obesity is a global epidemic causing significant burdens on the health systems and economic productivity of most countries. In Australia it is estimated that 66% of the population is overweight or obese, similar to rates in the UK. The multidisciplinary approach to weight management has been developed in response to the growing demand for effective, evidence-based weight management services for people with complex health care requirements. This approach aims to fac...